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Basically, a person who visits a place away from his home or place of stay and returns in a same day called a day trip and person hence called a day tripper. Day trips are so popular now days in India. We have already got a vast experience in organizing such trips to places like Agra and Jaipur from Delhi. Organizing Same Day Agra Tour and Same Day Jaipur Tour from Delhi have given us boost to take a step forward towards various day trips in India. After being indulged in same day trips for many years, we have got inspired by the concept of day trips and extended it by an adding on more worth seeing tourist places from all the major cities of India.

Day trips came into existence when people had no time for leisure activities and bounded by several household responsibilities such as owning pets, lack of facilities to commute, Agricultural liabilities etc. People used to travel nearby sacred places on feet and returned home same day. The concept of same day returns have flourished as time progressed over the years. India is blessed with cultural, traditional and spiritual heritage, which makes day trips more significant for the travelers who somehow make it to such destination in one day despite of having limited time for leisure.

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